MAXIMUM PENALTY: 5 Years Imprisonment

ISSUES: The Client had been walking along the street when a police officer pulled up in his vehicle and asked to speak with the Client. After the Client consented to speaking with him, the officer exited the vehicle and the two began to talk to each other. The officer saw a nondescript bulge in his pants and began to question him about what he was doing in the area so late at night. The officer did not believe the Client and then patted him down. The officer couldn’t identify the bulge in his pocket, so he reached into the pocket and retrieved a cell phone case concealing narcotics and paraphernalia. A Motion to Suppress the evidence obtained by the officer’s unlawful search was filed on the Client’s behalf.

OUTCOME: After the Judge Granted the Motion to Suppress the evidence, The Prosecutor Dropped/Abandoned the Charge.


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