Lawyer Advocacy West Palm Beach

Representation in Matters of Professional Misconduct and Legal Malpractice in Florida

Attorney Leonard Feuer proudly practices lawyer advocacy by representing other attorneys in their time of need. It only takes one careless moment to undue the reputation a competent attorney spent a career building. If you have received a notice from the Florida Bar that a complaint has been filed or a legal malpractice suit, it is imperative that you hire a competent attorney. Regardless of the merits of a complaint, the hiring of a skilled advocate to objectively assess the matter and craft an appropriate response can make the difference between the case being dismissed and a trial.

Leonard Feuer has served the legal community as a member and chairperson of a Florida Bar grievance committee and continues to serve the legal community on behalf of other lawyers facing allegations of misconduct and malfeasance.

While time and advice is a lawyer’s stock and trade, a damaged reputation or worse, loss of a bar license can result in that stock and trade becoming worthless.

If you are facing a professional complaint or legal malpractice suit, please contact Leonard Feueras soon as possible for a free consultation.