Here you will find a sampling of our verdicts and settlements form our cases in the South Florida area. Please note that every case and situation is different and the case results could vary. If you have questions about any type of criminal case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Case: Stand Your Ground

Client accompanied his girlfriend to drop off her child with her ex-boyfriend, the child’s father. The ex-boyfriend came out of the house, attacked client and threatened to get a weapon. Client had a concealed carry permit and a holstered firearm. He told the ex he did not want to fight, but the ex continued advancing, and client aimed his gun away from and fired one shot to the ground. Client, his girlfriend and child were able to escape. At the hearing, the Judge granted our motion to dismiss based on Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.


The Florida Supreme Court agreed with Attorney Leonard Feuer’s arguments and stopped the Governor of Florida from filling a judicial vacancy through his power of appointment. Instead, the Court ruled that the voters get to decide who will be Palm Beach County’s next County Court Judge. Leonard Feuer represented Gregg Lerman in his suit against Governor Rick Scott. Read more

Charge: Civil Racketeering
In a Miami federal court, Leonard Feuer won a Motion for Summary Judgment in a Civil Racketeering case finding the opposing side’s lawsuit baseless and without merit. Feuer represented a small business which was sued by a competitor, after the competitor repeatedly lost bids to Feuer’s client. The case involved nearly 100,000 pages of documents, 100s of witnesses and millions of dollars.

Charge: DUI
A Broward Judge granted Leonard Feuer’s Motion to Suppress the stop of his client in a DUI case. A police officer found his client asleep in his parked car in a residential neighborhood with the car off, but headlights on. The officer admitted she did not act out of concern for the client’s well-being, and opened his car door to roust him from his sleep. The case was dropped. A win for the defense.

Charge: Attempted First Degree Murder w/ a Firearm
A jury in Palm Beach County acquitted client after agreeing with his Attorney, Leonard Feuer, that client acted in self-defense when he shot his attacker twice in the face. Client was originally charged with Attempted First Degree Murder w/ a Firearm. Feuer successfully argued client’s shooting of the unarmed man outside his property was justified under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Charge:  Felony Child Neglect: 2015CF002655AXX
The client was arrested for two counts of felony child neglect for allegedly leaving children in car for under 15 minutes.  After filing formal Charges, the State agreed to drop all Charges after client sat through online parenting course.

Charge: Possession Cocaine With Intent to Sell (27 grams) 2014CF012716AXX
The client was arrested after police allegedly saw him seated in a car parked next to a closed business, weighing a bag with 27 grams of cocaine.  Charge reduced to misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Charge: Trafficking Heroin 2015CF001397AXX
The client was arrested after traffic stop where the police officer found what appeared to be a large amount of a substance in the client’s possession. The client was licensed to deal in pesticides. The substance was field tested and registered a presumptive positive for heroin.  Within days of the arrest, and after providing scientific literature on the subject of pesticides, the police crime laboratory tested the substance on an expedited basis and found that it was actually a pesticide, not heroin, despite the positive field test results.  The State dropped the Charges immediately.

Charge: Burglary of a Conveyance With a Battery 2014CF011249AXX
The client was an elderly veteran who experienced a medical episode where he believed a girl was trapped in a parked truck.  The client then broke into the truck, hoping to free her.  Two bystanders saw the event and sought to restrain the client, who then was alleged to have hit them.  There was no girl in the truck.  The State agreed to drop all Charges after a series of medical evaluations.

Charge: Possession of Cocaine 2013CF011799AXX
The client was arrested after police alleged he was found with cocaine in the wallet he dropped during his flight from the police.  After pushing the prosecution to permit an evidence viewing of the contraband, it was found that the cocaine had been destroyed inadvertently.  The State dropped the Charges.

Charge: Organized Scheme to Defraud 2013CF012097AXX & 2013CF012097BXX
The clients owned and operated a towing company.  The State alleged that they were involved in a scheme to double-bill the individuals requiring towing services as well as the automobile insurance company that each individual towee paid for membership.  On the eve of trial, the State agreed to drop the Charges for what amounted to under $300.00 in restitution.

Charge: Trafficking in Marijuana (127lbs.) 2013CF003343AXX
Client was arrested for trafficking in marijuana after the police alleged she attempted to retrieve 5 large packages addressed to her from the U.S. Post Office, each containing around 25 lbs. of marijuana.  The case resolved with no conviction and no incarceration to a lesser Charge of Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Sell.

CHARGE: Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (Case Number 13017257MM10A)
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CHARGE: Trafficking Marijuana, 25lbs. or more (Case Number 2012CF006281DXX)
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CHARGES: Sexual Battery, Lewd & Lascivious Battery, Lewd & Lascivious Molestation (Case Number 2010CF004044)
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CHARGE: Trafficking in Marijuana, 25 lbs or more (Case Number 2013CF003343AXX)
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CHARGE: DUI (Second Within 5 Years of a Prior Conviction) (Case Number 2012CT031300AXX)
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CHARGE: Domestic Battery (M-13-17214)
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CHARGE: DUI (Case Number 2011CT019986AXX)
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CHARGES: Arson and Burglary of a Dwelling (Juvenile case)
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CHARGES: Loitering & Prowling (Case number 2010MM016908AXX)
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CHARGES: DUI (Case number 2009CT005505AXX)
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CHARGES: Fleeing & Eluding (Case number 2010CF000063AXX)
MAXIMUM PENALTY: Five Years Imprisonment
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CHARGES: Possession of Cocaine (Case number 08-021213CF10A)
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CHARGES: Arson (1st degree) (Case number 08-002390CF10A)
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CHARGES: Kidnapping w/ Firearm & Robbery w/ Firearm (Case number 2009CF012384AXX)
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