Leonard S. FeuerWest Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can be confusing, frightening and complicated. If you have found yourself in a situation where you, a loved one, or a friend have been arrested or are facing criminal charges, it is important to consider consulting a Florida criminal defense lawyer about this matter as soon as possible. With proper legal guidance, even the most serious criminal charges can be addressed and can result in a markedly better outcome for the accused.

As a former Prosecutor Leonard S. Feuer has extensive trial experience (15+ years) and is well known and respected by judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and his peers. The firm seeks justice for the accused in the areas of DUI, drug and alcohol crimes, property and theft crimes, violent crimes, sexual offenses, white collar crimes and criminal appeals.

Clients of The Feuer Law Firm receive an exceptional degree of service, personal attention, and professionalism. An individual seeking legal representation can expect an honest appraisal of their circumstances during the initial consultation, as well as a fair quote for the services the firm will provide.

Our firm takes the time to address your concerns to assess how we can best assist you. Please take a moment to review the information provided below and contact our firm today.

Pricing: All prices and payment arrangements are tailored to the individual client’s needs and convenience. Payment plans are available upon request.

Representation Before Charges Are Ever Filed: The services the firm offers can begin before formal charges are ever filed. Whether a State or Federal matter, competent representation at the early stages of a criminal investigation can often result in tangible benefits to the client. Having an attorney advocate your interests early in the investigation can result in a markedly better outcome for the accused.

First Appearance & Bond Hearings: Unless charged with a capital offense or a felony punishable by life, an accused has a constitutional right to pretrial release. The bond amount must reflect the defendant’s personal financial resources. A bond amount that is unreasonably high has the same effect as a complete denial of bond.

Even if charged with a serious offense where life is a potential penalty, judges still have discretion to release the person charged with a monetary bond. In such circumstances, an evidentiary hearing may be necessary where the government’s witnesses will testify to the event, under oath, and subject to a cross examination designed to expose flaws and contradictions in the government’s case. All this is done with the goal of convincing the judge to order the client’s release with a reasonable bond.

Prosecuting A Case For The Defense: Once representation begins, a client of the firm can expect a diligent investigation into the facts of the case, beyond just what the government’s version of events entail. Quite often, the Prosecutor’s case is based exclusively on the police reports and statements of the person the government says is the “victim”. The problem with a prosecution based on those reports are:

  1. The police reports are typically one-sided, based on the first version of events that the investigating officer was told, regardless of its truth.
  2. The reports are intended to state the probable cause of the charge, so they are oversimplifications of what really happened, often based on what the officer was told.
  3. The officer’s initial reports often fail to scratch the surface of what the “victim’s” tale is; they don’t account for whether the witness has some bias or motive to try and get the accused in trouble.

Once retained, The Feuer Law Firm will scrutinize and analyze the government’s case toward exposing any weaknesses that may prove advantageous to the client. Attorney Leonard Feuer prosecutes the case against the government, for the benefit of the accused.

Motion Practice:
There are criminal charges that should never have been brought because the evidence was a result of a violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights. The Feuer Law Firm offers its clients the ability to scrutinize the facts of the case, including the initial encounter with the police or undercover agent/informant, any searches or seizures that have been undertaken, and any statements that have been given to the government or its agents. The facts under which evidence has been collected by the government may have been in violation of state or federal statute, or of the Fourth (prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure), Fifth (providing due process rights, the prohition against double jeopardy, the right to counsel & the right to remain silent) or Sixth (providing right to counsel once prosecution has begun, the right to a speedy & public trial, a jury trial, the compulsory process of the courts, as well as the right to confront one’s accuser) Amendments to the United States Constitution, and Article I, §5 or Article I, §9 of the Florida Constitution. If the facts reveal a possible violation of the client’s rights, a motion to suppress the offending evidence will be written, filed and argued on behalf of the client.

From the moment attorney Leonard Feuer is hired, every step taken is in preparation for trial. Even in cases where the client expresses a desire to negotiate a settlement, the goal of representation is to place the client in the best possible position in the event that a beneficial settlement cannot be reached. In the event that trial is the only way to achieve justice for the client, the client’s case will have been diligently prepared including taking the depositions of witnesses, filing the necessary pretrial motions, and the gathering of all necessary evidence in order to place the client in the best position for an acquittal (a verdict of Not Guilty).